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How we got started

get to know the zookeeper

Bradley Martyn: Founder, CEO, & Gym dad

Our gym is a mecca for content creators, decorated athletes and coaches, as well as a host of Woodland Hills’ locals. Zoo Culture is breath of fresh air–albeit sweat-infused air–in an industry that preaches separation: head down, workout-in-the-corner fitness. We challenge the “hoodie-up” lifestyle and build a strong community with our members, giving life to one of our many mottos: “We all bleed the same.” 

“No matter the obstacle you go through in your life, there is one thing you can be sure of: it is designed to make you better.”
  • Bradley Martyn

Former physique competitor and longtime social media star, Bradley Martyn, founded Zoo Culture in 2017, launching one of the most iconic gyms in the world. Though he originally intended for Zoo to be a simple platform for content creators, it became a staple the industry lacked before: a gym where every person who comes in adds value to it, not just numerically, but as individuals. Zoo Culture embraces all goals and aspirations, giving each person a place to succeed as well as the structure and community necessary to grow collectively. 

With Zoo thriving, he launched two ambitious projects, RAWGEAR Athleisure and ORIGIN Supplements, to compliment the gym as “one-stop shops” for its members along with an international following. As his brands continue to grow and others look to his success for inspiration, Brad stresses that “this sh*t isn’t going to be easy. In fact, it’s going to be difficult. No matter what others might say about your goals, it’s not up to ‘others‘ to decide if it is for you. You have to put your heart into it.”

The team

Auggie Delray

General Manager

“Rock ‘Til You Drop!”

StevE Orellana

Manager & Director of Operations for RAWGEAR and ORIGIN Supplements

“Talk to me nice.”

Jacob Bonilla

Head of Content production for bradley Martyn and Origin Supplements

Photographer + Videographer 

“I could die tomorrow. F*ck You.” 

Danny Garcia

Director of Operations for zoo & Staff

“Peyton Manning the Goat”

Roberto Barron


“4r Da Squaw” – Isaiah Rashad

Shannon Hawkins


“The path to inner peace begins with outward acceptance.”

Yaz Keramati


“I’m just here so I won’t get fined” – Marshawn Lynch


RAWGEAR Project Manager & Staff

“Don’t follow your dreams. Follow me on Instagram”

Christian Alvarez

Head of Content Production for zoo culture & rawgear

Photographer + Videographer 

“Taking a ride through life, no gps.” 

Cashmere Delray

Head of customer relations

“Sensational” – Future

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