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Visiting LA? Want to try out the gym for a bit before getting the membership? Get our Week Pass and see the Zoo in action! Check out the description below for more information on our Week Pass.


  • Clients may purchase the “Week Pass” either here, online, or in-person. Regardless of whether it has been purchased online or at the front desk upon arrival, all clients must sign the waiver before they enter the gym.
  • Clients who purchase the “Week Pass” online must show their receipt to the employee at the front desk upon arrival.
  • The “Week Pass” is only valid from the day you sign the waiver to exactly one week afterward. Week passes cannot be prorated for shorter duration visits (i.e. if you are only visiting 3 days, we cannot discount the pass to the price of 3 days versus 7. You must either pay the “Week Pass” or purchase 3 “Day Passes” in this instance).
  • Clients must present their ID upon arrival. While you are signing the waiver, we will create a profile for you with your contact information included. Clients will receive a key tag that they must use to sign in every time they come to workout. The key tag must be returned on the last day of the “Week Pass.”
  • We reserve the right to terminate week passes at any time for poor conduct, including–but not limited to– mistreating gym equipment, talking sh*t to other clients/members, being disruptive, or not cleaning up after yourself (you’re strong; pick up the weights and wipe the sweat off the bench).


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